I was fixed on that idea when beloved Kennedy’s son told the story about being out all day on the ice with his new leg and didn’t think that he could make it up the hill. His dad impressed upon him that, no matter what, he could do anything, and proved it right then and there.

Some of us had to endure proof that we couldn’t do anything. My parents in the ’50s and ’60s made it their life’s mission to prove that I was an idiot and would likely fail. My mother would glare and say, “why, YOU can’t do that!” You’re just nothing and nobody.

I would never speak at my mother’s funeral. If so, no one would want to hear. I don’t know where she is, anyway. But I sure cried over our beloved Teddy. I hope that we can all learn that, “Yes, you can!” “Polite People in a Perfect House.”