‘The Butterfly Report.’
By Sue Langenberg

–If I ever start my own news station, it will be called “The Butterfly Network,” or TBN. On it, there will be no connection to the regular news 24/7 cycle, whatsoever; just my musings.
–I will sweep in, dressed for success and order my personal staff to find only the good news and compile it into the Butterfly Report.
–While I pride myself in being otherwise well-informed, I find that my blood pressure is simply in too much jeopardy these days for the regular news. If I follow the regular headlines from hour to hour, I won’t make it through the day without worrying about planet assaults, murders down the street and homeless engineers with Master’s Degrees.
–So, it’s time to seek mental health. The butterflies are taking over. There has to be something around this globe that is worth a news flash. Breaking Butterfly news: My tomato plants are in, and later I’ll be canning vintage sauce. Also, my peppers, flowers and seeds are in. Hey, it’s a great day!
–And tomorrow, my fresh coffee will greet the day with sunshine. If rain, then there are good things to do inside. Butterfly news! It’s always a great day that you wake up.
–Butterfly Report: I attended my First Grade grandson’s Grandparents Day at school the other day and saw newsworthy events. News Flash! They all sang their songs fairly on pitch. And, to make it a more positive event, a handicapped child was helped by an aide along the way with his little choreography; a smile never left his face! That’s a Butterfly headline!
–My favorite Butterfly Reports have to do with the 90-some year olds who march to the stage and receive their diplomas. I would also do an in-depth story about what future plans await.
–A real Butterfly Report was the other morning when I took my coffee to the back porch. A winged something-or-other was attached near the door. I thought, at first, a huge moth, but a friend identified it as a brown butterfly with various circles. I told her to not disturb it near the door. I thought that maybe it, also, wanted peace and quiet on my back porch with the sun rising and birds chirping. But it was deemed injured, and we worried.
–Butterfly flash! The butterfly recovered and flew away! My email friends were relieved, as well as the report that the season’s first hummingbird appeared.
–A most worthy Butterfly Report occurred the other evening when I calmly went outside to say goodbye to a friend. The marvelous little boy next door waved with, “Hi” and a few “Bye’s.” By the time his mother drove off, the entire neighborhood waved hellos and goodbyes. That’s newsworthy Butterfly Report; little boy draws a crowd.
–One of the best Butterfly Reports is when the little girls and boys achieve the major milestone of life by going potty. I get noises and urges on the phone when my daughter counsels the bathroom scenario. From several counties away, we cheer. It is most Butterfly-worthy!
–And I always have big ideas in life. The Butterfly Network will hopefully graduate into a regular news cycle. People will submit their millions of Butterfly bytes to report. There will be news stories galore about blooming flowers, baby’s first words and the good dog who does anything.
–This latest Butterfly Report just in: A good breakfast was had by all the other morning when three hags met and shared laughs about chins, fat, ex-husbands and all other inconsequential things in life that interfere with that recovered butterfly that flew away.