It’s not the name of a new group, rather what I’ll do if this goofy cat doesn’t get her act together. I don’t mind that she doesn’t contribute special housekeeping skills like hunting mice and attacking various moving objects. She is welcome to drape herself on a chair or couch and do nothing.

But. First it was the fussy eater syndrome. I played the game about that and brought in dry food, wet food, morsels, non-morsels and spiced them up with everything from expensive Olive Oil to cooked rice. She is the only cat in the world willing to starve to death rather than eat something low class like tuna.

Then! If she didn’t get fed the right thing at the right time, she would proceed to throw up. Not just anywhere, but directly on top of my crossword puzzle or knitting directions.

The real deal breaker for Diva is that now she really doesn’t want to use the cat box. A nice convenient spot in the corner of the living room is much better, she thinks.

Now I’m throwing up!