“I made up my mind…” said my mother over the phone. I was somewhere in my 30’s. “…to get rid of you.” It was her finest moment in her pathetic little life where she served her man through her chosen doormat career. Get rid of you. Get rid of you. It made her strong! She was grownup! Get rid of cockroaches. Get rid of mold in the bathroom. Get rid of your daughter!
And she stuck to it. No phone calls, no letters, just “CLICK!” if one were to attempt. I don’t even know where she is at this writing.
In the end, I cannot forgive any mother of any child in the world out there who would proudly announce that she “made up her mind,” to get rid of her firstborn. I can only forgive Mother Nature, in Her wisdom of random selection that includes everyone from saints to serial killers, that such an ill person would exist. I am also sorry that I ever knew her. “Polite People in a Perfect House.”