No one believed me about how large the elephant in the living room in high school, had there been such a phrase in the ’50s. My step-dad was “cute,” according to some friends, both parents were always appropriately polite and I certainly had no credibility. I had zits, so “stupid” was blinking on my forehead.

But my step-brother was like a caged animal with his bedroom in the main thoroughfare between garage and kitchen like a modern day mudroom. No privacy for him, while I had the entire empty second floor of the house. Then! My half-brother, born to walk on water, slept in the same bedroom as my parents until us older package deal was “gotten rid of,” as my mother so proudly announced. She also seemed to shower with my half-brother until he was at least nine or so.

What wrong with this picture again?…”Polite People in a Perfect House”