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August 2013

Timber Lake ‘S Wonderful.’

Gershin’s ‘‘S Wonderful’ wonderful at Timber Lake. By Sue [...]

July 2013

‘Unnecessary Farce’ at Timber Lake

‘Unnecessary Farce’ a necessary farce at Timber Lake. By [...]

“Big River.”

‘Big River’ a Highland hit. By Sue Langenberg Highland [...]

The Music Man.

‘Music Man’ at Timber Lake a rave. By Sue [...]

June 2013

Tuesdays With Morrie

‘Tuesdays With Morrie.’ By Sue Langenberg Second show already [...]

A Chorus Line.

‘A Chorus Line’ at Timber Lake. By Sue Langenberg [...]

February 2013

Joffrey Ballet something old, something new.

By Sue Langenberg The Friday evening performance of the [...]

November 2012

‘Greetings’ greeted at Pec Playhouse

‘Greetings!’ well greeted at Pec Playhouse. By Sue Langenberg [...]

October 2012

My personal sowflakes versus yours

My flakes versus your flakes. By Sue Langenberg There [...]

August 2012

Some Enchanted Evening

An enchanted evening at Timber Lake. By Sue Langenberg [...]


Strong ‘Cabaret’ at Timber Lake. By Sue Langenberg A [...]

July 2012

Boeing Boeing

Timber Lake on a roll with ‘Boeing Boeing.’ By [...]

Footloose opening…

‘Footloose’ loose again at Timber Lake. By Sue Langenberg [...]

June 2012

Working, A Musical

‘Working, A Musical’ works at Timber Lake. By Sue [...]

Guys and Dolls at Timber Lake

'Guy and Dolls' at Timber Lake. By Sue Langenberg [...]

April 2012

Pec Playhouse, ‘Murder’s in the Heir’

'Murder's in the Heir' at Pec Playhouse. By Sue [...]

December 2011

Joffrey Nutcracker review opening night…

Joffrey 'Nutcracker' a stunning opening. A review by Sue [...]

November 2011

Hot flashes column this week…

Dreadful door dilemmas. A "Hot Flashes" column this week. [...]

Hot Flashes column, A moving experience…

A moving story. A "Hot Flashes" column by Sue [...]

It was a wonderful life at Winneshiek…

It was a 'Wonderful Life' at Winneshiek. Reviewed by [...]

Hot Flashes column this week

The tree that falls in the forest. A "Hot [...]

October 2011

Gilbert, Sullivan and Farrell…

Gilbert, Sullivan and Farrell. By Sue Langenberg It was [...]

September 2011

What I did this summer; school essay

(note: 'Hot Flashes' back after a September break…) My [...]

August 2011

A life of Ms. Grinnell

Ms. Grinnell's life story; a piano history. I ask [...]

You don’t have to be Catholic…

You don't have to be Catholic…at Timber Lake Playhouse. [...]

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