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Hot Flashes by Sue Langenberg Now Available on
Humor writer Sue Langenberg has written a weekly humor column for more than ten years in various newspapers, often winning placement in contests. In her book, Hot Flashes, she has compiled 100 timely examples that represent one goofy hag’s take on life using wry and sometimes edgy humor. She never forgot anything in her ‘Boomer life that made her laugh, but rather stored it until the time was right. The stories begin as an ordinary observation of reality and rapidly turn into a wild ride full of laughs, all within some 600 words of wit that strike a chord with young, old, teen and like-hags. There is something to laugh about for everyone in her musings.

“Hot Flashes” column is her timely take on life every week using wry and sometimes edgy humor.  It continues an experience of laughs at everything, everyone and mostly at herself.

As a self-proclaimed expert of absolutely nothing, ridiculous columnist Sue Langenberg begins her humorous take on life with something real, then often leads into a wild ride full of wry observations – all in 600 words each week in a “Hot Flashes” column.

She takes on everyday events that we have all experienced with a goal to reach all ages. In her ‘Boomer experience, she never forgot anything that was ever funny in her life. Those often oxymoronic titles twist and turn into rather addictive columns…hello editors! Give your readers something to look forward to every week @ reasonable rates


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